Medaka "tricolor " Gruppe draußen

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  1. Medaka Einsteiger

    Medaka Einsteiger Registered

    Endlich draußen
  2. kanga

    kanga Registered

    Did you Missed me...hihihi...I was away. Few questions
    1) do you have to use Gravels or lava rock at the bottom of Tubs?
    2)how long before you have to clean gravel, rock i.e. once a year......after breeding season
    3)Do they also have gravel rock at the bottom of Tubs in Japan? or this is a European way only?
    4)you not using the tradition "Kitchen Scrub" for breeding purposes why? would Medaka prefer(likes) the green Kitchen scrub better
    5)what is the best food for breeding conditioning eg live food?

    Thank you Mr Axel, looking forward to your reply.
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  3. Medaka Einsteiger

    Medaka Einsteiger Registered

    Hello Kanga ,
    I yuse Lava Rock for the tubs. Saw it in japanese tubs. I have Mops with green Kitchen scrubs, too. All Works, The question is what you prefer to collect eggs easy?

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